Top Qualities Architects Look For In a Drafter

What makes a great drafter? What qualities should a drafter possess that would land him/her that dream job? What skills are important to develop for a drafter? What role does formal education play in a drafting career? If you are a drafter or CAD technician most likely at some point you asked some if not all of these questions.

Few weeks ago, I had a chance to ask some of the most prominent architects with significant online influence the following question on Twitter, “What do you look for in a drafter when hiring or outsourcing? (Qualities, characteristics, skills)“.01-QuestionI was very curious to read their answers and insights. What qualities and skills will matter most to them? Will education play a big role? Will they care about experience? What about proficiency in drafting software? Below you can read their direct responses to my question and draw your own conclusions.

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Bob Borson

Website: www.lifeofanarchitect.com | Twitter: @bobborson

Knowledgeable, happy with their role, team player, free thinker, considerate, and more skilled than me

02-Bob Borson

Mark R. LePage

Website: www.entrearchitect.com | Twitter: @EntreArchitect

Outsourcing these days, so looking for confident skilled friendly listener.

03-Mark R. LePage

Jes Stafford

Website: www.modarchitect.net | Twitter: @modarchitect

“Experience. Detail oriented portfolio. Standards. Licensure is a plus.”

04-Jes Stafford

Doug Patt

Website: www.youtube.com/howtoarchitect | Twitter: @howtoarchitect

“A draftsperson should be conscientious, accurate, and reliable. But most importantly, a self motivated problem solver.”

12-Doug Patt

Lora Teagarden

Website: www.L-2-Design.com | Twitter: L2DesignLLC

“Skill, timeliness, ability to problem-solve, general construction knowledge.”

05-Lora Teagarden

Lee Calisti

Website: www.thinkarchitect.wordpress.com | Twitter: @LeeCalisti

“Work in native program (@Vectorworks), independence, follow my rules, add something new, knows construction, think 3d”

06-Lee Calisti

Meghana Joshi

Website: www.aremeghana.wordpress.com | Twitter: @MeghanaIRA

“Reliability is the first and foremost. You can work out everything else if qualifications are good :)”

07-Meghana Joshi

Michele Grace Hottel

Website: www.inmawomanarchitect.blogspot.com | Twitter: @mghottel

“I do most of my own drafting but when I do have someone cad draft for me, I think good communication is key!”

08-Michele Grace Hottel

Sean Jefferson Tobin

Website: www.seanjtobinarchitect.com | Twitter: @SeanJTobin

“Great question I look for experience, program compatibility, ability to differentiate important vs urgent information, plus good communication.”

09-Sean Jefferson Tobin

Jeff Echols

Website: www.architectoftheinternet.com | Twitter: @Jeff_Echols

“If I were… I’d look for proficiency in the software I use and experience in project types and locations.”

10-Jeff Echols

Marily Moedinger

Website: www.mwmoedinger.com | Twitter: @mwmoedinger

“Construction knowledge, attention to detail, ability to think in 3d while looking at 2d drawings, knowledge of drawing conventions”

11-Marilyn Moedinger


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14 thoughts on “Top Qualities Architects Look For In a Drafter

  1. Love this post. Definitely a big help for me as I tip toe into freelance. Can anyone tell me what Lee Calisti means by “native program”? On that note, what is a freelancer to do with all the different softwares out there? A client uses ArchiCAD while I use Revit. It doesn’t seem cost effective to pay for several programs hoping your clients are also using the same software.

  2. I’d say he means a drafter that operates proficiently in the same software that his office is using. That’s a pretty big point.

    Thanks for this post Eugene!

  3. Here’s a few, I don’t see mentioned…..someone who they can pay as little as possible, who will nod & agree with anything they say, even if it’s dillusional & foolish (never speaking the truth), who will accommodate all sorts of ridiculous requests, hang ups, quirks, notions, rules, etc….spending tons of time on things that really don’t matter, but then still put in the hours to get the work done that should have been done in the time that was spent on the aforementioned items, I could go on & on, based on my 20+ years of experience….heehee

  4. My dad was actually looking to hire a drafter to help him build his business building, but he wasn’t sure on what to look for. So I really appreciate you talking about this, and letting me know of a few key things that make up a good drafter. I’ll make sure I show this to my dad right away.

  5. This is incredibly valuable info, Eugene! I’m thrilled to have run across this website of yours. Thanks for setting an example! I’ve heard so many people say you SHOULD ask experts what they want/expect but it’s rare to see it executed… and so well, too! Thanks!

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