Texture, Photo & Cutout Resources

Texture, Photo and Cutout Resources

Have you ever worked on a project and ended up spending significant amount of your time searching google for cutouts, images and textures? Time consuming right? We’ve all been there…

In this post I want to share some of the best online resources for images, textures and cutouts. I personally use many of these in my design firm, which saved me time, headache and money. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment with resources you use.

1. UNSPLASH01-Unsplash FinalFree (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos. I love this site! Every 10 days Unsplash team adds 10 amazing photos to their huge library. You can also showcase what you did with their images here. I highly recommend checking out this website!

2. FLICKR: CREATIVE COMMONS02-Flickr FinalCollection of stock photography for your use.

3. PHOTOPIN03-Photopin FinalA free tool that helps bloggers and designers find photos with Creative Commons licensing.

4. PIXABAY04-Pixabay FinalSearch over 380,000 free photos, illustrations, and vectors.

5. COMPFIGHT05-Compfight FinalSearch engine for visual inspiration and free stock photos.

6. GOBOTREE06-Gobotree FinalPhotography, cutout and texture resource aimed at the visualization, architecture and design industry.

7. SKALGUBBAR07-Skalgubbar FinalGreat quality library of cutouts of people by Teodor J. E.

8. RENDERTEXTURES08-Rendertextures FinalDatabase of great quality textures for private or commercial use.

9. IMMEDIATE ENTOURAGE09-ImmediateEntorage FinalLibrary of free cutout people, trees and more for use as architectural entourage.

10. MR. CUTOUT10-Mr. Cutout FHuge library of high quality Photoshop cutouts ready for your use.

11. CG TEXTURES12-CG Textures FinalLibrary of hundreds of free textures, organized by categories.

12. TEXTURER13-Texturer FinalFree textures for 3D modeling, texturing, Photoshop and game development.

13. SWTEXTURE15-SWTexture FinalBlog containing a collection of building material textures.


If you enjoyed this list of resources then you definitely want to check out this free eBook below. Designer’s Toolbox is a free eBook containing 101 resources for designers, drafters and architecture students.Designer's Toolbox

Eugene Kovalenko

I’m a husband, dad, blogger, and owner of DraftingHub.com. I provide inspiration and resources for designers, students and drafting firms.

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