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­­So far we have covered wide range of topics on DraftingHub, starting with general drafting business tips, drafting equipment and setup, and ending with specific post on software like Revit and SketchUp. Today, I’m exited to share a post about something that hasn’t been covered yet on DraftingHub, SolidWorks.

This weeks guest post comes from my friends at Grupo Redraw. Grupo Redraw is a Brazilian website, formed by ten mechanical draftsmen, whose goal is to share videos, tutorials, tips and any kind of information related to CAD/CAM/CAE universe. In this post they talk about the capabilities of SolidWorks.


SolidWorks is a CAD/CAE software, developed by DassaultSystèmes. The first release was in 1995, and since then, new functions have been added to increase the software capabilities. Focused in mechanical industry, SolidWorks has different tools to increase the draftsmen’s productivity, such as, sheet metal, weldments, surfacing, mold, costing, technical drawing, render and piping tools. We decided to ask each “Redrawer” the capabilities and how SolidWorks helps them in their jobs. The answers are as follows:

Andre_MalacridaAndré Malacridahas been a SolidWorks user since 2009. Bachelor in Production Engineering and industrial mechanic technician, André works in the automotive industry, as a project engineer at a special truck body company.

I’m a project engineer at an automotive company. Using SolidWorks, I have developed several products and devices in different areas, such as automotive, food, aerospace and electronics assembly. Nowadays, I work at a company that uses SolidWorks for the product development. We produce special truck bodies and install bucket truck equipment. The sheet metal and weldments resources of the software speeds up all the process with quality and reliance warranty of the right operation after production.

Bruno_WaldmannBruno Waldmann has been a SolidWorks user since 2010. Automotive technician and mechanical engineering academic, Bruno works in the oil & energy industry, as a draftsman at a customized equipment metalworking company.

I work at a customized equipment company. Therefore, each new project is a new challenge. SolidWorks is the perfect CAD tool for me, because besides the large number of resources that the software offers, I can unify different project areas, for example, weldments, sheet metal, piping, and other. Due to the fact that this software is used worldwide, it’s easy for me to use 3D models developed by suppliers in our projects, as other file extensions as *step and *x_t are allowed. The possibility to use software that allows simulating the components interaction before fabrication isprimordial, whereas I can evaluate gaps, interferences, collisions and make FEA analysis to validate my project. The challenge of creating a high quality project that attends the customer needs is much easier when you have a powerful tool as SolidWorks.Bruno_Work_1Bruno_work_2

Eduardo_SchaeferEduardo Schaefer has been a SolidWorks user since 2007. Industrial mechanic technician and mechanical engineering academic, Eduardo works in the automotive industry, as an Industrial director at his own metalworking company.

I’m an owner of a ball mounts and trailer hitches company. SolidWorks is fundamental in many steps and processes, for example, parts and assembly detailing for production, user guide creation for stores and workshops, FEA analysis for better safety on the projects, sheet metal planification for laser cut, renders for catalogs and advertises. A fantastic tool, essential for an industry.

Gregory_GuimaraesGregory Guimarãeshas been a SolidWorks user since 2009. Industrial mechanic technician and architecture and urbanism academic, Gregory works in the furniture industry, as a draftsman at a customized office furniture company.

I work at an office furniture company, and use several types of items and panel thickness (MDF and MDP) for project developing. With SolidWorks it’s possible to prepare all the right parts and dimensions for each need, resulting on an elaborated technical detailing, with cut table and accurate item quantity. The 3D modeling on my segment is very simple, but mostly of the assemblies are composed by a large number of components. Everything in their right places by the positioning resources offered. Most of the time, I can have total control of what has been designed and what will be produced, except cases that demand manual activity. SolidWorks has integration with company system, so we can measure the material cost and have a better warehouse control.Greg_Work_2

Gustavo_CollingGustavo Colling has been a SolidWorks user since 2002. Industrial mechanic technician and mechanical engineering academic, Gustavo works in the automotive industry, as an intern at a tire company.

SolidWorks provides me a better time earning on everyday, making me design, validate and detail my projects the quick and easy way, with quality. And if it’s necessary to optimize or edit a project, all the parts automatically edit themselves, shortening the delivery date of the project to the customer.

Halif_CardosoHálif Cardoso has been a SolidWorks user since 2010. Industrial mechanic technician, Hálif works in the machinery industry, as a draftsman at a ceramic machinery company.

I work at a company that produces machines for the ceramic industry. I’m the only draftsman/designer of the company. SolidWorks is a fundamental tool for our production line, especially for the new machine developing and changes on existing projects. Making that before fabrication, in an assembly, I can analyze and correct some errors, such as, possible hole misalignment, distance between gear centers, parts positioning and appearance details. With SolidWorks,I can develop the technical drawings and exploded views of the machines, FEA analysis, sheet metal planification, *dwg files for EDM machines. Besides the fact of being of a great help on the technical manuals creation for our costumers, and on part relations for us to maintain a correct stock, without trouble. Undoubtedly,it’s a fantastic software that, if used well, allows the draftsman to create a better product, in a faster and an economic way, reducing a great deal of any fabrication error.Halif_work_1

Heitor_RibeiroHeitor Ribeiro has been a SolidWorks user since 2012. Industrial mechanic technician and mechanical engineering academic, Heitor works in the automotive industry, as a draftsman in a sport wheels company.

I work at a company of automotive sport wheels with more than 30 years of expertise. Creating the next model to be launched is always a challenge. What makes this work less difficult is the powerful CAD tool used on the development process, SolidWorks. Whenever a more complex design is requested, with more attractive curves to catch the customer attention without missing the technical side, the surfacing tools of SolidWorks makes me guarantee the desired design with the precision expected. The 3D modeling of the product is where the process starts and SolidWorks is still efficient in the next step, the design of the wheel mold. With specific tools for mold design it’s possible to create cavities and make the assembly with all the parts needed, besides the technical drawings and tool list.Heitor_Work_1

Luiz_Claudio_LimaLuiz Claudio Lima has been a SolidWorks user since 2013. Mechatronic technician and mechanical engineering academic, Luiz Claudio works as a freelancer designer.

I’m a mechanical engineering student and freelance mechanical draftsman. I use SolidWorks in all of the steps of my projects, from the 3D modeling to the validation and from the 2D detailing to the fabrication, in several industrial sectors. I use SolidWorks as default project software, because of its user friendly interface and large number of specific features for each project, like sheet metal, surfaces, weldments, mold design and others.

Marco_PereiraMarcos Pereira has been a SolidWorks user since 2005. Mechanical Engineer and MBA on project management, Marcos works in the automotive industry, as a product technical coordinator of a plastic injection company.

In my career, SolidWorks is the main cad tool. I use it for the new products and tools development, simple or complex. I’m a mechanical draftsman of products, devices and molds for plastic injections. I see SolidWorks as an intuitive development environment. It maximizes the productivity of a project resources and engineering for the new product creations with more efficiency, speed and economy due to the processes and mechanism simulation that the software offers.

Rodrigo_FernandesRodrigo Fernandes has been a SolidWorks user since 2009. Managing processes technologist, Rodrigo works as a CAD/CAM instructor and a freelance designer.

I have been working with CAD software for six years, and I’m also a Grupo Redraw founder. SolidWorks serves us well on the constant industrial growth in Brazil. In my case, I use SolidWorks to design products on the medical segment. Machines, equipment and tools that help to validate hospital and laboratorial processes seeking the security of people’s health. I like to work in this segment so much, since it is possible to see that the products we make with SolidWorks are helping people. With the same inspiration, we keep Grupo Redraw alive helping people that want to get this industrial knowledge in a free and simple way.Rodrigo_Work_1

As you can see, SolidWorks can be a powerful tool to increase your productivity on projects, and it’s not hard to learn. For further more information, access www.gruporedraw.com.br.

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