6 Reasons why evey drafter should use dual monitors

6 Reasons Why Every Drafter Should Use Dual Monitors

One of the best things I did to increase my productivity as a drafter was investing in dual monitors. Once you try working with two monitors, you will never want to go back.

Don’t just take my word for it though. Many studies have been done on correlation between productivity and multiple screen use. For example, Microsoft Research Center found that adding a second screen to your workstation “can increase your productivity by 9 to 50 percent and make your work day easier“.

Another study done by the University of Utah, that compared single monitor and dual monitor performance, concluded that dual monitor users “were 6 percent quicker to task, 7 percent faster on task, generated 10 percent more production, were 16 percent faster in production, had 33 percent fewer errors, and were 18 percent faster in errorless production.” You can read the in-depth research findings here.

After using dual monitor set up as a drafter for the last three years, here are my top six reasons why I believe every drafter should use dual monitors:

1. Drafting speed

Having two monitors simply increases your drafting speed. Rather than switching between different windows in your AutoCAD, you can display your drawings on both monitors. That’s right, forget about that alt-tab shortcut. This also makes cutting and pasting between drawings and files a breeze.

2. Less cluttered desk

Checklists, markups from a client, details, sketches, full size plans, all these items can be displayed on the second screen rather than printing them out. This will keep your valuable desk area free of clutter, thus providing space for important things, like cup of coffee.

3. Save money and environment

Viewing above mentioned documents and files on second screen, will save you in printing cost (paper and liquid gold printer ink). And while you are saving some money, you are also helping the planet by going paperless. Good job!

4. Following along with video tutorials

Using second screen for video tutorials is as convenient as it gets. Being able to follow along and implement what you learn instantly will save you a lot of time! It also works great with written tutorials, webinars or screencasts.

5. Keeping track of your emails and social media

Having your email and social media accounts open on the second monitor can help you not to miss any important messages and updates. Make sure not to have it there all day though… you do need to get some work done.

6. Low cost

It’s amazing how fast technology is improving! Having a dual monitor set up doesn’t have to drain your budget. For around $200 you can buy a decent monitor. I personally use 23″ SAMSUNG B300 Series S23B300B and they haven’t been giving me any problems.


I would love to hear your opinion. Are you using dual monitors? Why or why not? What other benefits would you add to the list?

Eugene Kovalenko

I’m a husband, dad, blogger, and owner of DraftingHub.com. I provide inspiration and resources for designers, students and drafting firms.

25 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Every Drafter Should Use Dual Monitors

  1. Using dual monitor is surely more as I have been using it till now. Especially when I have to start designing with shop dwg in 2D and at the same time should display its 3D construction.

  2. Though not quite there, yet, my dream CAD setup would include a single but large 4K display. The size would ideally be as big or bigger than two displays. It’s great to look at entire big size drafting sheet at 100% scale.

    Generally, 2 HD monitors will give you 1920×1080 x 2. A 4k UHD resolution provides 3840 pixels × 2160, much better than 2 monitors. I’ve seen some for about $600, but they do usually require an updated video adapter / card.

    1. Emmanuel very interesting! Thank you for your insight. What I’m learning so far from dozens of people responding to this post on here and throughout social media is that all kinds of set up work great (dual, 3, 4 monitors, one big screen, etc.) as long as it’s not one screen :)

      1. Thank you, Eugene. I think the concept of multiple monitors is generally misguided because people who insist on “multiple” usually compare apples with oranges. They fail to include screen size and resolution as potential solutions to shortcomings. They might also fail to consider that there are now curved monitors to help you achieve better angles.

        In my case, I have found that high density pixels can backfire. My 13″ Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro at 3200 x 1800 and 6″ Samsung Galaxy Note 4 at 2560 x 1440 are too much for my naked eye. In fact, when I wear special reading glasses I’m blown away by the level of detail possible. It’s beautiful. But it’s too tiny. A much bigger screen feels better but gets expensive quickly.

        To make a fair case either way, one must be willing and open to explore large screen sizes with very high resolutions. I have found those solutions to be expensive, but also to be the best. It’s a matter of giving each possible solution a fair chance.

        Great displays are addictive, if you can get past the extra cost and new technology required.

  3. Eugene, what are the specs you use for all of your work? Just discovered this site, keep up the good work!

        1. Got it! To be honest, I’m lost when it comes to computers and specs, so my good friend who is a computer expert, built me a custom computer to suit my needs. And it’s pretty powerful. But here is the laptop I use when I work at a coffee shop or out of my office: http://amzn.to/1K1PJe3 It serves me well!

  4. I did use it for a time, at the job but had to give it to a new employer… Now i have a wide screen, that its great, i can split the monitor and have two decent screens…in one. I have a dell ultrasharp 29” wide screen and im happy. Its an option, for 300€.

  5. 2 Monitors is great, it is even better if they are 16:10 monitors. 16:9 monitors are for watching movies, not working.

  6. Hi Eugene,
    Love your stuff here.
    I moved to twin 24″ (1920×1260) monitors approx 2 yrs ago. The only direction I would consider now is 3 or more monitors. I agree whole-heartedly with your statements about the effectual productivity of multiple screens, for exactly the same reasons. Having Word or Excel open adjacent to my AutoCad, and email window peeking through from the background is very beneficial.

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